Modern IT for Federal Programs.

Stop cost overruns and technical debt from getting in the way of the mission. Learn how we can keep you on the cutting edge.

Lyteworx Automation Systems® produces automation solutions to meet crisis management communication and data access needs.
Lyteworx® also provides consultation to help organizations select a mix of hardware and software solutions that champions the operational needs of crisis response collaborators.
Command And Control

Lyteworx® has delivered military-approved geospatial command and control solutions, such as SIRIS, built on expertise in integrating open-source, commercial and government-owned technologies.
The Lyteworx® approach to software development enables adamant focus on delivering combat close warfighter support tools, sharpened for maximum usability.

Lyteworx® uses cutting-edge technologies to integrate new capability with legacy platforms.
Our expertise in connecting systems across platform, network, and security postures gives our customers the edge in future-proofing critical operational applications. This flexibility allows quick feature addition and short upgrade timelines while maintaining a core operational baseline.